Sunday, January 10, 2010

ariel's back from mexico!!

happy new years darlings! i just got back from a trip to the yucatan with chef sam. we had a wonderful time exploring ancient mayan ruins and swimming in the warm beautiful sea. we also ate a lot of amazing food and i thought i'd share a few fotos just to tickle your tastebuds a bit. above is a cheese chili relleno we had at the best restuarant we went to on the whole trip on the island of cozumel called "sabores." you had to walk through the family's livingroom out to an amazing tropical backyard where there were tables scattered about.

we also did a lot of home cooking since many of the places we stayed at had kitchens. these were cheese and jalapeno sandwhiches we made for lunch in tulum.

there is a traditional lime soup made in the yucatan that is sooo good! zesty, sweet and filled with corn tortillas. yum!

in a market in merida we got fresh tortillas that were so hot when we bought them that i could hardly carry them!

the trip was perfect and relaxing, but the best part was when chef sam proposed to me while we were swimming in a magical cenote (a naturally formed limestone swimming pool) while fish nibbled at our toes and birds were flying above us. it was so romantic! together we will cook great feasts and share delicious meals, para siempre!

un salud a mexico y al amor!

buen provecho amigos!



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