Saturday, April 30, 2011

Karina's Spring Breakfast Series- pt. 1- Thyme For Eggs

I've probably stated somewhere before that my favorite meal to both cook and eat is breakfast. (It shocks me that so many people can willingly skip it.) Taking a few minutes extra than it would to toast your frozen waffles or slam a bowl of Fruit Loops, you could have a restaurant-worthy plate of energizing morning goodness to fuel you for your day. I thought I'd share with you a few of the simple, creative breakfast twists I've tried over the last few weeks..

I purchased some organic fresh thyme, shallots, yellow summer squash and pears to treat myself for a rare weekend morning off to myself.

I began by heating up some olive oil in my saute pan and then adding my shallots. Once they were translucent and starting to brown, I added the thyme I had washed and (mostly) taken off its stems, and the sliced yellow squash and pears.

After a few minutes of sauteing, I added sea salt, pepper, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and a dash of yellow curry powder. I also added some fresh spinach in there at the very end and let that wither into the mix.

I fried two eggs Over Medium (you can see me a flip an egg from a previous post here) and sprinkled a pinch of sea salt on them. I also toasted my favorite Mi Abuelita Tortillas blue corn tortillas that I get from The Haight St Market.

Ten Minutes later I was feasting on this delicious sweet and savory breakfast of champions and quite thrilled about it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ariel's making ... root mash

i feel kinda silly even doing a post on this, but it's so yummy, that i thought why not.

baby parsnips showed up at the farmers' market last weekend, so i chopped them up, really small, with some carrots and turnips, and boiled them 'til they were soft.

then i drained them and added a rather large dollop of butter, salt and pepper, and mashed them up.

sweet, buttery, way too easy! perfect for a foggy evening at home ...

have a lovely weekend darlings!



Sunday, April 3, 2011

chef sam ... makes purple sauerkraut

look at the purple loveliness! so vibrant! we got a lot of purple cabbage one sunday from the free farm stand ... and so chef sam decided to have a go at sauerkraut. it was super easy -- the hardest part is that you have to wait ... and wait ... and then it's done!
all you need is:

organic cabbage

sea salt


in a large jar, add your chopped cabbage. sprinkle with salt -- add more cabbage -- keep doing this -- making layers of a dash of salt -- then cabbage.

then press is all down -- REALLY HARD -- try to get the cabbage to start to release it's own juices. the more compact you can make the cabbage -- the better.

now -- top off with water and add a weight on top of it (we used a glass jar filled with water), so that all the cabbage is totally submerged under the water (if it's not under the water -- it can rot.).

we added a pretty yellow cloth on the top too -- to keep out any bugs.

ok -- that's all done. now the hard part. wait .... at .... least .... TWO .... WHOLE ... WEEKS. (the warmer it is out -- the faster it goes though!).

it'll start to smell a lil' stinky and yummy. you'll know when it's done ;)

YUM! tangy! enjoy!