Thursday, May 27, 2010

ariel's making ... a frittata sandwich

the last few weeks have been insanely busy and i've had very little time to play in the kitchen. but last night chef sam's brother came over for dinner, so chef sam and i threw together a few simple dishes (marinated asparagus, no-knead bread and a chard frittata ...all of which you learn how to make on our recipe page) and ended up having a lovely feast.

today there were still a few leftovers from the previous night, so i decided to make them into a sandwich.

my mom (aka snorkel mom) just got back from her annual trip to kauai. she always comes home with this amazing passion fruit mustard from anuty liliko'i, so i slathered a few spoons of it on chef sam's fluffy bread. then i added the frittata and a few leafs of crispy organic romaine lettuce.

it was the perfect lunch!

hope you're all doing well :)



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