Saturday, June 12, 2010

ariel's harvesting ... sour plums

the sun is shining this weekend and the fruit on the trees are starting to ripen! how exciting! i wanted to do a post about urban foraging. chef sam and i are big on foraging in the city for fruit. there is a plethora of fruit trees in san francisco and a lot of it goes unpicked. luckily, the foraging trend is catching on and city grown fruit is being properly harvested.

the plum tree in our backyard produces lovely little purple plums, but you have to harvest them on the sour side, because when they get ripe they just fall to the ground and smmmmooosh. i love them sour though ... i even took a bag of them on a picnic with the girls today, and the whole big bag was devoured.

so even though some trees produce smaller fruits, that doesn't mean they don't taste amazing!

oh -- and get yourself a handy fruit picker. they're super fun to use :)

enjoy the sunshine this weekend sweeties!



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