Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ariel's ... eating hella soup

besides piles of xmas cookies, this winter i've been eating nothing but soup. and more soup. it's such an awesome thing to make, because you can use whatever you have ... and leftovers are fab-tab-ulous.

for this last batch -- gug and marie were coming over for dinner with their cutie boys -- so we had a lot of mouths to feed -- so we thought -- let's make some soup!

here's what we made:

saute one chopped organic onion in 2 T. of organic extra virgin olive oil. add 4 chopped organic carrots, 6 chopped organic potatoes, 1 cup organic brown rice, and 1 cup organic split peas. add water to almost the top of the pot.

cook for about 30 minutes -- add some bay leaves. add some chopped kale. cook more -- 'til it's all tender and yummy. turn off heat -- spice with salt, pepper and cayenne (whatever you like!).

we served it with fresh bread -- and my dad's kimchee (i'll post a recipe for that soon), which everyone piled on top of the soup. yum!

happy new years darlings! slurp slurp.



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