Monday, February 14, 2011

ariel's making ... love cookies

happy love day, sweeties. it's been forevs! sorry. been way busy getting this whole photo biz started .... but today's special ... so i decided to make something extra tasty.

how about cookies with choco-mint for sam love? yum!

for these buttery delights ... you'll need:

1 stick organic butter
1 cup organic sugar or sucanat

mix these together. this may be difficult -- if you live in a cold house -- i put my stick of butter on my table this morning to let it thaw.

then i went and did my laundry.

when i came back it was still hard-as-a-rock ... so i used a potato masher to mix the butter and sugar. that worked great!

next i opened a bar of fair-trade mint-chocolate -- then i ate a bunch of it.
with what was left -- i chopped it up into chunks and added it to the butter sugar mixture, along with an organic egg.

then i mixed in 1 1/2 c. of organic flour, a pinch a sea salt, 1 t. of baking powder and a dash of milk.
once it was all mixed, i put in plastic and threw it in the freezer to chill.
while it chilled, i got way productive by putting away the laundry.

about 30 minutes later -- i rolled the dough out -- cut into cute heart shapes -- and baked at 350* for about 15 minutes ... give or take.

i hope sam love likes them. i bet he will.
now -- give someone a kiss! and tell at least two people you love, that you love them -- today and everyday!
p.s. the valentine's are by two amazing girls ... siren suzy and countess karin. i love you both so much!

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  1. Thanks, my love! They were fantastic! I am so lucky to have you in my life, and to be a beneficiary of your amazing taste treats. Happy Valentines Day!