Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ariel's making ... a garden salad

the garden is alive and happy and wild with leafy greens this time of year! we had friends over for a japanese feast this past weekend and i was in charge of the salad. just before people came over, i went out to the garden and harvested some miner's lettuce, baby chard and some fragrant wild onion flowers.

then i toasted some organic sesame seeds 'til they were golden brown and starting to pop.

for the dressing i wanted to have some asian flavors, so i mixed organic soy sauce, organic toasted sesame oil, organic lemon juice, some organic extra virgin olive oil ... and of course, some fresh minced organic garlic!

i tossed it all together just as our guests arrived -- it was very delish and couldn't have been fresher!

i love having fresh spring greens!



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