Sunday, November 7, 2010

ariel makes ... a squash pie for suzy's party

suzy q threw a lovely wine tasting party this weekend and for the occasion, i threw together a squash pie. i forgot to take photos of my cooking process and all that remained at the end of the night was this lonely piece and people asking me for the recipe ... so here it is.

somehow this recipe made hella pie filling ... i ended up making three pies ... so use less if you don't want so many pies.
for three pies (no crust ... that's just too much work!) you'll need:
1 organic butternut squash, baked
2 organic delicata squash, baked
1 can organic evaporated milk
5 free-range organic eggs
1 huge T. organic cinnamon
1 1/2 c. organic sugar

once the squash is baked and soft (i like to cut them in half, de-seed and bake on a cookie sheet with a litte water, cut side down), spoon it into a blender ... and then just add everything else. pour into greased pie pans (i used coco butter to grease the pans, but olive oil or butter would work great too). bake for about an hour at 350* or until a little golden on top and not liquidy anymore.

add a room full of beautiful friends, several bottles of red wine ... and you've got the perfect fall party.

props to liz for guessing all the wines correctly ... that was amazing!
happy sunday darlings!

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