Monday, March 28, 2011

Karina Steals Seaweed Salad for Sushi Feast!

I'm a big fan of sushi and an even bigger fan of throwing sushi parties. It's a cheap, relatively easy way to feed and impress a lot of people at once. I actually did an entry on throwing a sushi party last year you can check out by clicking the link, so I won't get into the actual rolling process here...

Instead, I am going to share the AMAZING seaweed/avocado salad I made to go with the sushi. (Actually, the amazing seaweed/avocado salad I ripped off from a prominent, vegetarian fine dining spot I had eaten at that week... It rhymes with Bellenium...)

I made a big batch of glass rice noodles. These only need to be boiled in water for a few minutes total.

I sliced a bunch of organic raw kale and mixed it with chopped carrots, cucumbers, apples and seaweed. I was actually overwhelmed when I stopped by the Japanese market by the many different ways to buy seaweed (all with Japanese labels) and actually just ended up buying two containers of freshly and already- made seaweed salad to save some time.

I threw in some sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, two fresh avocados, and tossed it with a lime-tahini dressing I had in my fridge left over from a few nights earlier (olive oil, lime, tahini, garlic, salt, agave, cayenne, and pepper.)

This is just a picture of some sweet potatoes I roasted with garlic and onion that I put in a few rolls!

Like I stated in my previous sushi post- you can put ANYTHING in sushi. In these rolls I used carrot, cucumber, roasted sweet potato, mango, apple, yellow b. pepper, avocado, asparagus, dates, and almond butter. You just get all your ingredients together, cut and cooked (if needed) and make every roll completely different!

And of course always have plenty of pickled ginger and wasabi on hand!

Best part is all the cooking is done by the time people come over and you can just enjoy and eat rolls until you all burst!

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