Sunday, April 3, 2011

chef sam ... makes purple sauerkraut

look at the purple loveliness! so vibrant! we got a lot of purple cabbage one sunday from the free farm stand ... and so chef sam decided to have a go at sauerkraut. it was super easy -- the hardest part is that you have to wait ... and wait ... and then it's done!
all you need is:

organic cabbage

sea salt


in a large jar, add your chopped cabbage. sprinkle with salt -- add more cabbage -- keep doing this -- making layers of a dash of salt -- then cabbage.

then press is all down -- REALLY HARD -- try to get the cabbage to start to release it's own juices. the more compact you can make the cabbage -- the better.

now -- top off with water and add a weight on top of it (we used a glass jar filled with water), so that all the cabbage is totally submerged under the water (if it's not under the water -- it can rot.).

we added a pretty yellow cloth on the top too -- to keep out any bugs.

ok -- that's all done. now the hard part. wait .... at .... least .... TWO .... WHOLE ... WEEKS. (the warmer it is out -- the faster it goes though!).

it'll start to smell a lil' stinky and yummy. you'll know when it's done ;)

YUM! tangy! enjoy!



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