Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ariel's making ... wild greens frittata

sam and i have been trying to grow an urban veggie garden for about a year now. so far we've had a pretty successful potato harvest and our garden box is happy too. sam started planting amaranth, an ancient grain that the aztecs considered to be a sacred food, packed with minerals and vitamins. it seems to like the bay area climate and it was ready to harvest so i decided to make a wild greens frittata for dinner tonight.

we've also been growing wild bay area chard which is so happy in our garden that we've been able to harvest it all year long.

i also picked some rosemary and parsley from the garden before i went in to start cooking.

first i sauteed half an onion in organic olive oil and added the rosemary and parsley.

once the onions were translucent, i added the greens and cooked them for about ten minutes until they were totally cooked down. add some salt and pepper to taste once it's all cooked.

then place the cooked veggies in an oiled pie pan and cover with a strong organic cheese. i used a sharp cheddar ... yum!

beat three organic eggs -- add a splash of organic milk and pour the mixture over the veggies and cheese.

bake at 350* for about 20 minutes or until the eggs are totally cooked ... and voila! a simple, totally nutricious and delicious, homegrown meal!

happy harvesting!



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