Friday, December 4, 2009

Karina Makes Fresh Hummus to Spice Up Leftovers!

I am truly a hummus addict. Besides being a great source of protein, this creamy and satisfying spread takes any savory snack to the next level. I used to spend a fortune buying small containers of hummus, one after another, until my friend Alma shared how simple her mother's recipe was with me.

I had a lot of leftover cilantro that was about to turn, so I'm sharing how I added cilantro the the traditional recipe.

I peeled and smashed several cloves of garlic, washed my cilantro, and sliced a lemon.

I opened a can of organic garbanzo beans and drained them.

I put the garbanzo beans in a blender with 4 or 5 large spoonfuls of tahini (which is ground sesame seed paste).

I added the cilantro, garlic, and salt..

..and squeezed in a few slices of lemon. I added water to make sure the texture was smooth and creamy.

I blended it all and continued to add salt, lemon and water until I got the perfect taste and texture I was looking for.

I have to caution that though my hummus be delicious, it induces fierce garlic breath!

The days after Thanksgiving I was overwhelmed with the amount of leftovers I had, so I whipped up a few improvised snacks to keep me interested.

I toasted some slices of my left over olive bread, and smeared some of my mashed potatoes and fresh hummus on top. I added tomato, sliced raw squash and leftover edamame and enjoyed!

Then one day I added all of my left over mashed potatoes, stuffing and seitan dish and re-heated them in the oven. I bought a head of organic purple cabbage and seperated the leafs to use as fresh wraps instead of tortillas. I made a fresh "salsa" with organic tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, and brought out my trusty hummus.

I brought all the ingredients out to the table and made the best leftover fresh wraps imaginable!

As much as I cursed the leftovers, I miss them now...

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