Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ariel's making ... enchiladas and sesame chard

ever have one of those days when your like "man! there's totally no food in this house!" and you gotta get really creative? this was one of those days. chef sam had made some awesome pasta sauce earlier in the day with tofu and carrots in it and i had few frozen tortillas ... so i thought i'd throw together some enchiladas! yum!

for this recipe (which serves 2) you'll need:

2 c. leftover delish organic pasta sauce
8 organic corn tortillas
1 c. organic beans, mashed (i used black beans)
10 slices of organic shard cheddar cheese
1 t. organic extra virgin olive oil

grease a baking pan with olive oil. layer tortillas, beans, sauce, cheese -- repeat until all your ingredients are used up and add cheese as the very top layer. so easy! pop it in the oven at 350* for about 30-40 minutes, 'til it's pipping hot and cheese top is melted.

ok -- so that was done ... but what was i going to do for greens? i can't have a meal without something green in it -- that's just wrong!

off to the backyard! our bay area chard is super happy this spring so i cut a few leaves and headed back to the kitchen.

first i toasted some sesame seeds i found on the cupboard. i cooked them at low heat 'til they were golden brown in a dry cast-iron pan. careful -- if you toast them too long they start to pop all over the kitchen! (ok -- this is actually kinda fun!)

then i removed the seeds, added a bit of olive oil and cooked my baby card for about 1 minute (seriously! that's all it needed!). into a bowl it went, topped with the roasted sesame seeds and a bit of smoky salt from full belly farm.

popped a bottle of lovely organic albero wine from spain -- and dinner was made!

something from nothing ... well almost ;)

happy kitchen scavenging!




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