Friday, March 19, 2010

ariel's making ... tunisian carrot salad

this is a incredibly delicious and simple salad my mom loves to make for potlucks. we're having friends for dinner tonight so i thought i'd try making it too.

to make this salad you'll need:

5 organic carrots
3 T. organic feta cheese

for the dressings you'll need:

2 cloves organic garlic
6 organic olives
2 t. organic carraway seeds
4 T. organic olive oil
2 T. organic vinegar
sea salt
organic black pepper

cut the carrots and boil them in water for about 10 minutes, 'til they are soft, but not mushy.

while the carrots are cooking, make your dressing.

when the carrots are done, run them under cold water (so they stop cooking) and then toss them with your tangy dressings and top with feta.

this is such a great dish! i hope you enjoy it too :)

have a great weekend darlings!!



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  1. We've been hooked on a similar carrot salad lately - though I'm sure my husband would love it if I added olives! Sounds wonderful.