Sunday, November 8, 2009

ariel's going to ... the farmers' market

it's officially fall and the farmers' markets are filled with amazing goodies. i try to buy all my produce from the farmers' markets, which is so easy since our city has a market in some neighborhood almost everyday of the week, and they stay open all year long.

there's really no other place you can buy such fresh and organic ingredients, while also directly supporting the people who grow our food. my favorite fall time fruits are persimmons and satsumas and their bright orange color is stunning.

there are always exotic finds too ... check out these mushrooms!

if you happen to be at the civic center market on sunday or wednesday, or alemany on saturday, stop by my favorite organic stand, phan farm's. they have the best eggs i've ever eaten and mrs. phan is extremely fun and wonderful to chat with. their eggs are from wild, free range chickens and come in a variety of beautiful colors, including blue. you know an egg came from a healthy and happy chicken when the shell is hard to crack open -- that means the chicken has a diverse and healthy diet that includes bugs, green plants and grains. and a healthy/happy chicken egg is also better for you!

so get out there and explore the farmers' market in your neighborhood ... and then go home and invent an awesome dish with your market finds!

happy cooking!



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